Online Prop Bets

A proposition bet also known as a prop bet, prop, novelty or side bet is a wager that is placed on an event during a game.  The event will not affect the final outcome of the game.  Prop bets are different to general bets where wagers are placed for or against a team or the amount of points scored.

The most common types of prop bets that are made in sports betting are the amount of strikeouts a pitcher will have in a baseball game or if a player will score a touchdown in American football when placing NFL bets.

Where To Place Prop Bets

Sports betting sites will offer prop bets on higher profile games, such as the super bowl where there are literally hundreds of different bets to place.  This can range from tossing the coin to which song will be played at half time.  For events that are less popular the type of prop bets on offer will depend on the sports betting websites.

There are also boxing betting sites that offer a number of different prop bets such as round betting where bettors must predict how many rounds will be fought until there is a winner.  This is a more complex prop bet as it is left mostly to chance unless bettors have studied each fighter in depth as well as the boxing betting odds.  The best sports betting sites will offer prop bets on virtually anything related to a sporting event.

Luck Or Skill?

Some prop bets rely purely on chance or luck while others require some kind of sports knowledge and research.  An example of a prop bet which relies on luck is in golf betting and predicting whether a hole in one will be scored during the tournament.  Bookmakers will usually set the odds of this prop bet at 50/50, which means it can go either way.

Golf bets which rely on some kind of knowledge would be predicting which player will win a tournament.  There may be a choice of 3 players and instead of placing 3 bets players make a bet on the nationality of the player of which all are European.  The golf betting odds will not be as good as choosing the winner but bettors’ chances of winning are greater.

Most Common Prop Bets

The most common form of prop bets that are offered at popular sports betting sites are those that are based on team and player performance.  These types of bets are directly determined by how a team or player performs and are much easier to follow and easy to place a bet on.  Choosing a prop bet that it easy to research will increase the opportunity for winning.

Yes/no prop bets are usually found at top sports betting sites offering super bowl or world cup bets.  An example of a yes/no prop bet is if there will be a penalty during the first few minutes of a game or if the defence will score a touchdown before the offense.  This type of bet can either be a lucky guess or bettors can employ a sports betting strategy and look at which team is more likely to be stronger.

Prop bets can be lots of fun but it is advisable for bettor’s to try a few different sportsbooks with good sports betting odds and those that offer the best payouts.


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