Online Cycling Betting

While cycling is not necessarily the most popular of sports to bet on, the opportunities in cycling betting can be great for any small punter that is willing to overcome the hardships of picking a winner at reasonable cycling betting odds.

In addition to it being fairly tough to choose a winner, it also takes a reasonable amount of time to reach success, which is exactly why all of us here at have ensured that you have access to the best cycling betting tips on top of the cricket betting sites we provide for you.

The Time Trial

There are multiple types of races that should all be treated differently when online betting on cycling, including the sprint stage, mountain stage one-day race and the time trial stage, with the time trial being a great place to start if you are new to placing cycling bets.

Here is is exceptionally important that you take a look at the profile of the stage as well as the length of the time trial and the weather that has been forecasted for the event. A change in weather can seriously impact the results of the race, though it is often not considered in the odds.

Start Time

One of the best cycling betting tips to take into account is checking the favourites and what their start time is, with an ideal situation having them start later in the afternoon in time trial cycling betting.

Those that have been listed as favourites and start later could ultimately endure some rain and slippery roads that come in around midday and thus encounter some issues or even injuries.

This would essentially then allow the underdogs that started in the morning a great advantage as the odds of them bringing in a better time are higher than those caught in bad weather conditions.

Cycling Race Length

The race length is a vital thing to consider when developing a cycling betting strategy, as it can essentially be the difference between a long and captivating experience or something fast-paced and filled with thrills.

It therefore comes as little surprise that those of you interested in betting on cycling would need to consider just what you are willing to bet and what you are willing to bet on, as shorter races allow for little mistakes to be made by competitors.

Course of the Cycling Contest

Before you decide to place any cycling bets, one major thing to consider is the course and profile of the contest you are interested in betting on. Checking to see whether the course has mostly flats and straights as opposed to having multiple tight corners and challenging hills is imperative as you will be able to then check which of the riders is more likely to succeed in winning the race.

Much like in any form of sports betting and creating strategies, it is simply a matter of making yourself aware of all of the possible factors that could change the outcome of the race, which means getting to know the riders, their styles and the type of course that best fits their particular skill set.

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