Online NFL Betting

The NFL or America’s National Football League is the premier, professional football league in the US.  Each of the 32 teams play 16 games over the regular football season and then the highlight of the season is the Super Bowl.  Six teams from the two conferences (National Football Conference NFC and the American Football Conference AFC) get to compete in the playoffs.  Four will be division winners, and another two are wild card entry teams.  This provides ample opportunity for Super Bowl bets from a massive contingent of NFL fans and punters.

Which Sportsbooks Offer Super Bowl Odds?

There are certainly a few online sportsbooks that offer a much bigger selection of Super Bowl odds and Super Bowl bets than some others.  In the industry, the different online betting sites can have definite preferences or specialisations for the types of sports which they cover in the most depth, so if you are a big super bowl betting line fan, do look around for the specialist sites with the most NFL betting markets.

 NFL Betting Predictions

The top online sportsbooks will have weekly NFL betting predictions throughout the season.  Certain sports channels will also feature thoroughly detailed previews for each of the fixtures.  Follow the tipsters on all of the media you can, from the sportsbooks commentary, to newspaper sports page coverage and of course the big TV sports channels which can provide superb insight into the upcoming games so that you pick your super bowl odds with a decent degree of accuracy.

NFL Accumulator Bets

Due to the vast number of games and players involved in the NFL season, accumulators are some of the most popular NFL/Super Bowl betting options out there.  Small stakes can offer the chance of very good wins.  Why not combine some of the top expert opinions into accumulator bets?  A few different varieties and you could possibly in line for a good payout.

NGL Anytime Touchdown Scorer Bets

In this betting format for NFL or Super Bowl bets one player is chosen from a selection of matches to score a touchdown at anytime during the game.  These are then put into another accumulator and again offer big winnings from relatively small initial wagers. Again, these bets offer a superb strategy if you enjoy following the top super bowl betting pundits’ leads.

Free NFL Bets or Paid?

There is no point these days in having to subscribe to expensive tips websites when the main sports betting websites offer this for free.  In a multimillion dollar industry like NFL sports betting there will always be some people trying to piggyback this money, but not offering much in return.  Don’t be fooled by websites that offer secret strategies for super bowl bets when just doing a bit of research on the teams by yourself and following top experts advice should suffice.

Other Top NFL Betting Markets

Incredibly popular as well are the NFL handicap betting options where, as in soccer, you bet against the spread.  NFL Totals betting in the Super Bowl and the initial phase of games are also solid betting choices. Here just total points count, and you place your wager on over or under the bookies number.

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