Super Bowl Betting

When it comes to international sports, American football is certainly one of the biggest of them all. Although the game is not played locally, it has a massive following in Australia, New Zealand and all over the world. A major NFL game can attract millions of viewers, making it one of the best online betting sports in the world. The NFL (National Football League) consists of a preseason lasting four weeks, followed by a 17-week regular season and finally a 12-team playoff. This all culminates in the Grand Final known as the Super Bowl.

The NFL Playoffs

In the weeks leading up to the Grand Final, Super Bowl betting reaches a fever pitch. Just about every local and international betting website will be offering odds on the game. For those punters who are new to American Football, the NFL actually consists of two separate conferences with 16 teams each. These are the NFC conference and the AFC conference. The winner of each division will automatically qualify for the playoffs at the end of the season.

With NFL betting, punters can place bets on any of the league games, the playoffs or the Grand Final. The playoffs also include two wild card teams. These are the two non-division winners which hold the best record. The NFL playoffs offers punters plenty of action and betting opportunity. The playoffs themselves consists of four rounds including the wild card round, the divisional playoffs and the conference championship.

Types of Super Bowl Bets

The NFL Super Bowl Grand Final is the biggest single-day sporting event in the world. It is no wonder then that betting on the super bowl begins months in advance. Broadcast to millions of people around the world, the Super Bowl creates one of the biggest betting days of the year. For local punters, the Super Bowl offers up a range of different betting site options. The most popular Super Bowl Bets include:

  • Money Line Bet – A money line bet is the most basic of all the Super Bowl bets. This is where a punter simply predicts the winner of the match. With a money line bet, the odds will be represented as a line with the favourites holding lower odds and the underdog holding higher odds.
  • Spread Bets – In some cases the online betting site will set the Super Bowl odds using a point spread. This is a way to even out the teams where one team is the clear favourite. With spread betting, punters predict whether a team will win or lose by a certain margin.
  • Over/Under bets – Also known as totals betting, over under betting is where the online bookmaker will set a score total for the match. This is combined score of both teams. Punters simply predict if the final score will be over or under the set amount.
  • Futures Bets – NFL Super Bowl betting begins months in advance. Bets placed at the beginning of the season are known as futures bets. These are generally fixed odds bets where a punter predicts who will win the grand final without even knowing who is in the playoffs.
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