Sports Betting Online in Mexico

Mexico is interestingly enough home to the fastest growing online gambling market in all of Latin America. This is surprising, as the country has extremely out-dated gambling laws and regulations, but this doesn’t stop punters who want to wager on their favourite sporting events.

In 2015 the online betting industry in Mexico was estimated to be worth a whopping $300 million, and this figure looks set to grow as online betting goes mobile and its even easier than ever before to place wagers.

There are well over 400 online betting sites that accept Mexican based punters, and many of these have software that’s also available in Spanish, making betting all the more pleasurable and easy to understand. With so many sites welcoming Mexican bettors, it’s easy to see why the allure is so big, especially when there are large sums of money to be made off backing a favourite team, horse, dog or player.

Popular Sports Betting Options

Some of the most popular Mexico sport betting markets includes horse racing, dog racing (generally greyhound) bull fighting and cock fighting. There are not that many online betting sites that feature the latter two events as they are seen by many as cruel, but betting on these fights in Mexico is a tradition, and not one that’s set to die down any time soon.

For many Mexicans betting on horse races is a favourite past time and they have grown up either watching the races at the track, or seeing them on TV. With online sports betting a reality, there’s no need to go to the track or a TAB to place a bet, instead punters can wager from their computers or mobile devices and make sure they never miss out on backing a winner. Betting on horse racing can be incredibly lucrative and at online betting sites Mexicans have the option of wagering on local races, or on the huge international race days that take place across the globe.

Top Sports Betting Options in Mexico

Many Americans cross the border to Mexico in order to place bets legally, and in this country it’s also completely legal to place bets over the phone. This means that punters have a vast number of options available to them and can wager from their desktop, Internet connected mobile device or telephone at their own convenience.

It’s estimated that around 15% of Mexico’s annual sports betting turnover comes form Americans who have crossed the border to legally wager, and these punters from the USA mean big profits for local betting sites and land based bookmakers too.

Sports betting is a fun and potentially very rewarding activity and its one that many Mexican’s enjoy. There’s definitely an added thrill when it comes to wagering on a sport that you love watching, as you have an investment riding on the outcome, and this in part is what has made this type of wagering so popular.

Sports betting in Mexico seems to be growing from strength to strength and it’s certainly an activity that’s made so much easier by top online sports books welcoming punters from within the countries borders.

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