Online Golf Betting

With golf being a favourite sports of so many, it is no surprise at all that golf sports betting is a firm favourite Down Under. The preferred betting markets are the big international meets, with US Open golf betting, PGA Championship and Masters golf betting being some of the favourite options.

The Mental Edge in Golf Betting

Understanding the players that will be involved in the game you are betting on is keen to having good odds of winning.  Golf has always been a game that is very mentally influenced, so understanding the dynamics and so called ‘politics’ in the game could give you an idea of who is currently intimidating another player, or who may need to bounce back from a recent humiliating loss on the course.

Personal issues or health problems can also influence outcomes, and being an individual sport this is more marked in golf betting than in many other team games where the effect of personal issues is diluted by the numbers in the team.

The Effect of the Pitch

And of course, all golf players have a preference for the type of pitch that would suit them better.  By getting to know the individual players, your golf betting odds increase.  Some players will perform better on links courses, others on parkland or heath land.  Yet other players may prefer and have skill sets that work will with the more recently developed courses such as snow courses, desert courses and sand courses.  Some players do really well on courses with a lot more rough and sometimes difficult greens are their strong area.

Different Styles of Golfing Play

Expanding on that idea, the way all golfers play can be quite different to the next.  Some players pull in loads of birdies and shine on the courses where the winning scores need to be around -25. Others are better at teeing off, long shots or putting.

Golf Betting Picks To Consider

One of the top tips is to have joined a few competing online betting sites.  This way prior to placing your wagers, you can check what lines each of the bookies are offering.  This could make the potential payouts vary greatly.  Some sportsbooks may offer the same wager with odds that differ from 45/1 all the way down to 35/1, for example. By shopping around for the best lines in the industry you will be able to stretch your bankroll further once you reap larger winnings.

The lines will also move around if a player withdraws, altering all the other players’ odds. Lines also move if the wagers are seen coming in heavily in favour of one particular player.  These are the sorts of golf betting odds to watch out for.

Golf Betting Apps

All of the main online sports betting sites will offer an app version of their website which will enable you to place wagers on the go with their golf betting app section.  These are available for all makes of smart phones and tablets.  There are apps available for iPhones and iPads, as well as android models such as Sony, Lenovo, Samsung and Nokia.

The beauty of having any golf bets app is that you can follow the changing odds at the bookmakers if you are at work or out and about.  This comes in especially handy if you are watching the changing US Open golf betting odds, especially if you want to make live in-play golf bets.

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