Online Sports Betting in Ireland

Ireland Sports betting has a long tradition. There are many great Irish sports to wager on but the online betting revolution has dramatically changed the scene.

It has made sports betting more accessible and at the same time more affordable and rewarding since there is a lot more focus on what is in the best interest of the customer in online sports betting since the market is so competitive.

Why Online Betting Is Popular

The benefits of doing your Ireland Sports betting at an online sports betting site includes the ability to place wagers  using your smartphone, iPhone or iPad as well as your home  computer.

The odds advertised on the sites are more often than not more competitive than those received at a land based bookmaker so you get a better overall deal.

Simple To Join And Simple To Play

Ireland Sports betting online is made simple and safe with the use of online electronic deposits and withdrawals protected by data encryption software.

Sports betting sites ensure that your transactions are done safely and that deposits and withdrawals are completed in a reasonable time frame.

Gaelic Football Wager Action

Ireland Sports betting includes wagering on Gaelic Football matches. You won’t have to head down to a brick and mortar betting parlour when you can simply log in to your sports betting account using your computer or smartphone.

You can easily place your wagers while still watching the games on television or via live streaming. Even if you miss a game, you can still get up to date results and information online, often right from the sports betting site.

Best Greyhound And Horse Racing Bets

Ireland Sports betting has Horse Racing and Greyhound racing betting as some of the most popular sports bets. Greyhound racing has been an Irish tradition since 1927.

With twenty licensed greyhound stadiums in Ireland, greyhound racing is as popular as ever. Online sport betting makes greyhound betting even more accessible to bettors.

Ireland has a reputation for its thoroughbred horse breeding and with 24 race courses; horse racing betting is even more popular than greyhound betting. Online horse racing betting gives you access to local and international horse racing action.

Take A Swing On Golf Betting

With 400 golf clubs and 300 courses, Ireland Sports betting would not be complete without some golf betting action. You can place wagers on many different local and international golf events.

From PGA tournaments to the Irish Open, you will never lack golf betting opportunities when you are an online sports betting member.

Crushing Rugby Betting

Ireland Sports betting lets you place wagers on Rugby Union games whether you are in Dublin, Limerick or Cork. If you prefer international action you can get in on those matches too. Everything from the Rugby World Cup to the Tri-Nations is open for some great wagers.

Online bookmakers do not have any affiliations with each other or any high street bookmakers. This means that the odds they offer you on Rugby Union games are based on their own odds. Yp0u will more often than not find better odds online than at a land based bookmaker.

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