NBA Betting Strategy

The beauty of the NBA season is that it provides so many great basketball betting options from October to June each year, including the regular season as well as the championship which always kicks off around mid April. There are a ton of pundits who offer NBA best bets and NBA betting predictions, and it can be quite a task sorting the wheat from the chaff.

Always follow your gut instinct and a dash of common sense when following the sites and sportsbooks that will help you to determine your NBA bets for the season.  Ensure that the information you read is current, and written by real experts and basketball and sports world pundits.

Types of NBA Best Bets

Before deciding on which NBA betting tips you will be following you need a good understanding of the types of NBA bets available.  We cover the most popular types here.

Moneyline – these are the most accessible of the NBA betting options, where, to put it simply, only the final winner/loser is taken into account. Take into account the odds that the bookies advertise the moneyline at, these can vary vastly with different online NBA sportsbooks.

Total Betting – also known in the industry as overs/unders betting.  In one of these wagers, the NBA odds are placed as a number which aims to guess the scores of both teams together. So you wager on whether the total will be under or over the number that the bookies have suggested, for example 170 points. If your bet was placed on the exact outcome of the game you get your wager back, this is also known as a push in the trade.

Futures – in NBA preseason betting as well as during the championships, futures offer interesting and varied predictions for all manner of questions that can be posed about the match outcomes.  These are invariably based on long term questions such as how many games will a certain team win during the championships, who will finally win the entire NBA championship, which team will come last, and so forth. The NBA betting odds in futures are updated throughout the year as changes happen with team.  Injuries, illnesses, new acquisitions, retirements and many more factors constantly affect the changing odds of NBA futures.

Point Spreads – these are based on margins, unlike moneyline bets which focus on outright betting outcomes.  Usually there is a moneyline bet attached to the points spread NBA bets which show the potential amount of payout you may get.

More NBA Betting Tips

Home court advantage is a factor in NBA especially that simply cannot be discounted.  With around 60-65% of home court matches being wins for that team, this can be very useful to your NBA online betting strategy.  Doing your research is essential with NBA forecasts.  As there are so many teams, 30 in fact, playing over 80 games per season, and considering there are 12 active and 1 inactive at a minimum per team, the possible permutations are complex.  This is one sport where random guesses at the bookies might triumph, but are fairly unlikely to.

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