Online Boxing Betting 

Boxing and sports betting have always held a very close relationship, and while there have been many boxing betting scandals over the last century the sport seems to have something of a cleaner image today, with big fights drawing in an incredible amount of interest from Australian punters.

Those of you in search for the best sports betting sites as well as the best tips on betting in boxing then look no further than Here you will find an explanation of the various boxing bets available to you as well things such as boxing betting odds and round betting in boxing.

The Money Line

It is always important to understand how boxing betting lines in order to get the best edge in online betting boxing markets. There are essentially three possible outcomes in any fight, namely a win, lose or draw and in the money line market you will be betting on which one of the three will be the outcome.

One of the fighters will be listed as the favourite by the best boxing betting sites and the option for a draw will generally allow you to bring in a big win if backed due to the fact that it is not a likely outcome.

Over/Under Boxing Bets

In addition to choosing the winner of the fight when betting on boxing fights, you are also able to place wagers on the number of rounds that you think the fight will last for and this is done by predicting under or over the line that has been given by the online boxing betting sites.

Generally speaking, if you choose to back under and the fight happens to finish in that very round, then the first one and a half minutes of the round will be counted as the first half of the entire round and the rest will be counted as the second.

Fight Outcome Bets in Boxing

When it comes to fight outcome betting when engaging in boxing bets online, you are expected to predict the winner as well as the method of victory in order to ensure you bring home some winnings.

You can essentially bet on whether a player will win as well as how they go about doing so, from knockouts to disqualifications. What’s more, you can bet on whether the outcomes are technical or not, such as a draw or a technical draw.

Boxing Round Betting Explained

Round betting boxing comes in two different forms, with one such type being grouped round betting. This involves punters having to predict which of the two fighters will win the match and which group of rounds they will do so in.

The other type of round betting in boxing is to determine which of the boxers will win in specific rounds, where you will then receive significantly better betting odds for boxing than you will in the other rounds market.

In some circumstances, a boxer may declare that they will win a particular round, the bet will be popular and the price won’t last very long, so it is certainly one to jump on quickly.

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