Over/Under Bets Online

Over/under bets also known as game totals are straightforward bets.  Almost all sports betting sites will offer over/under bets on a range of different sports.  The sports betting sites try to predict how many runs, points or goals, depending on the sport, will be scored and bettors must then place a wager on whether the amount will be over (higher) or lower (under) than the set amount.

The top sports betting sites will do research in order to ensure that there is a balance on either side and the aim is to make a profit. The sites will look at both sides and evaluate their performance and then post an over/under figure, that is they try to guess the combined score.  For the bettor looking at the sports betting odds for the particular game and making use of a good sports betting review will enable them to place a well-informed wager.

How Do Over/Under Bets Work 

Over/under bets are great as they can be used for a range of different sports such as hockey, football, baseball, basketball and soccer bets.  Over/under bets are also flexible and bettors will see that prop bets are often based on these bets.

An example of an over/under bet using cricket bets would be if England and Australia are playing a test match and England bats the first innings and the bookmaker predicts they will make 350 runs.  Bettors must then decide if England will score more than 350 (an over bet) or less than 350 (an under bet).  Bettors will benefit from reviewing sports betting stats when placing any over/under bets as it will help them determine how a team will perform.

Betting Strategy

Although over/under bets are not as common as point spreads they are becoming popular.  Predicting the totals of a game is much easier than a point spread.  Over/under bets are more commonly used in professional sports betting for such sports as NFL, MLB and the NBA as the main aim of all of these games are the total of points at the end of a game.  Having a good sports betting strategy will assist players in making over/under bets with a positive outcome.

Most bettors tend to bet over and this is because they look forward to a game with high scores.  This will affect the line and knowing this will help bettors place a good under bet and this is especially true for high profile games. There is usually lots of hype around many of the high profile games and this will increase the totals and book makers will be readjusting the line.  It is best to place an over bet earlier and under bets should only be placed just before the start of the game as this is when the book maker sets the totals at their highest.

A good online and mobile betting guide will tell bettors to watch the lines as the start of the game approaches as it can change drastically in a few hours as bettors place their wagers.  There may also be incidents such as player injuries, line-up changes and many other factors that can change the line.

Keeping up to date with sports betting news is very important because having information about the games will give bettors the edge.  Being aware of factors such as changes in the weather, rankings, past performances at home and away as well as any other stats can be very helpful when placing an over/under bet.  Learning how to read the teams will during the season will help bettors win during the big games.

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