AFL Footy Betting

Those of you in Australia that have little knowledge of how to bet on AFL or how to develop an AFL football betting strategy need not fear as has got you covered with some informative AFL betting tips as well as a selection of the best sports betting sites.

If you’re looking for the best AFL sports betting tips, from AFL betting odds to AFL betting markets we have all that you need to develop a strategy and place the best AFL bets available.

Best AFL Betting Odds

When it comes to betting online on AFL there are, unsurprisingly, a few things to be considered before simply placing your bet, one of which is to use your own knowledge to create your very own market for the match and thus frame your own odds.

By doing this, you will ultimately discover that it becomes a whole lot easier to compare the market that is on offer to your personal opinion. For example, should your opinion be that the Hawks will have a 70% chance of winning in a match against the Bombers, your market would be 1.41 hawthorn and 2.90 Essendon.

Thus in this case, if Essendon is paying 2.90 to win while the true odds are 3.33 then you would know that you’ll be getting what is known as unders if you bet on Essendon.

Choose the Best Betting Markets

It is always a good idea to go in search for event types that could possibly offer some more room for judgement, with exact margins as well as first goalkickers generally non-profitable markets to choose and mainly aimed at the New Zealand and Australian punters that bet for the thrill rather than the money.

There is a rather small number of people that place AFL bets and have the ability to find an edge in the above-mentioned markets, however, for the most part, it is pretty much luck of the draw.

The commonly seen head to head markets and AFL line betting, otherwise referred to as margin betting markets, are an excellent choice along with AFL premiership betting, AFL grand final online betting and AFL wooden spoon betting markets.

Head-to-Head Records

Another important thing to consider in AFL footy betting is the previous records and history between the two clubs that are set to go head-to-head. This includes researching the historical performance of the team in the last 5 games and in the season.

Should you happen to notice any unexpected results then it is a good idea to look back on match reports in order to check if there were any significant injuries or even weather conditions that impacted the game.

Trending AFL Bets

The last suggestion in this AFL betting guide  is to make yourself aware of what the top AFL punters in Australia and New Zealand are backing before placing any AFL bets.

With something as important as AFL finals betting, it is never a bad idea to keep up to date with the sports betting activity of numerous punters whose success you can put into your own strategy and whose mistakes you can learn from.

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