Online Racing Betting

In Australia and New Zealand, racing betting is responsible for the most bets in the entire online sports betting market. Even if you factor in soccer betting, rugby betting and golf, betting, racing draws in thousands of bets each day. The term racing betting encompasses three types of racing namely horse racing, harness racing and greyhound racing. Of the three, thoroughbred horse racing is the most popular among punters. A major horse race can attract thousands of visitors to the track as well as millions of viewers from around the world. Most online horse betting websites provide live steaming of the race with news and inside information available weeks in advance.

Harness Racing

While not as popular as horse racing betting, harness racing is still a major player in the racing market. With harness racing, the races are split into two categories namely trotting and pacing. This represents the way the horse will run in the race while pulling their sulky. In harness racing, the trainer plays a much more significant role in how the horse will fare in the race. While the general concept is the same, harness racing requires a whole different set of skills and research before placing a bet.

Greyhound Racing

The third type of racing betting that we are going to look at is greyhound racing. Online greyhound betting is prolific in both Australia and New Zealand. The reason the sport has become so popular is because of the sheer number of bets available at a single meet. Greyhound racing is a lot faster than horse racing with much quicker turnaround times. This means that every race day provides multiple betting opportunities on multiple races. All the classic racing bets that you will find in a major horse race will be available on every greyhound race.

Before you Bet

If you are new to the world of online racing betting sites, the first thing you need to do is pick one type of racing category and stick to it. With all forms of sports betting, the more you know about the sport, the greater your chances of placing a winning bet. This is particularly telling when it comes to horse betting or greyhound betting. In order to walk away a winner, you need to dedicate a lot of time and effort into learning as much about the horses/dog, their trainers and the type of surface they are running on.

Online Racing Bets

With all three types of racing, punters can choose from a wide range of racing betting odds and bets. For first time punters, probably the easiest bet to place is a straight win bet. This simply means predicting the winner of the feature races. An even easier bet at slightly lower odds would be a placing bet. This is a bet where a punter chooses a horse or dog to finish anywhere in the money, meaning a top three finish. For more experienced punters, online racing bets can extend from multi bets to more exotic bets such as quinellas, each way bets and trifecta bets.

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