Norway Sports Betting 

The Norwegian government generally tries to balance maximum civil liberties with the state’s justifiable oversight of potentially problematic social issues; a philosophy that extends to their approach to gambling. So in Norway, sports betting is officially legal, but only the state-owned Norsk Tipping is allowed to operate sports wagers, whether in land-based or online operations.

Technically, it is thus illegal to make sports wagers at sites licensed in countries other than Norway, but the very permeability of the Internet and modern online banking make this very difficult to police. Unofficially, Norway sports betting authorities turn a blind eye to these activities, and no one has been arrested or charged for sports betting online. So for punters in Norway, sports betting is a recreational pursuit they can enjoy whenever they feel like it at sites licensed all over the globe, without fear of legal ramifications.

Finding a Norwegian-Friendly Site

The benefit of restricting your online Norway sports betting to the state-owned site is obvious, even without the issue of legality. As a site designed specifically for Norway’s citizens, it is bound to be Norwegian-friendly. Punters are not going to experience any problems with language or currency.

However, at plenty of other sites based outside Norway, sports betting can come with Norwegian language and currency as an option too. Many also offer a wide range of banking options, including currencies and transfer methods restricted to the Internet. So punters can enjoy Norway sports betting online while safeguarding the privacy of the banking accounts they use for their day-to-day transactions.

Researching Trustworthy Reputations

Some of the world’s most well known land-based sports betting companies now also run online and mobile sites. The brand names alone are enough to give many Norway sports betting fans confidence; these operations built their success on good customer service over many years, so their online arms ought to be equally trustworthy.

But real-world longevity isn’t the only guarantee of a good reputation. Many online-only sports betting sites were only started in the past decade or so, but they have nevertheless developed excellent records and the loyalty of millions of punters. Norwegians should do a little homework online before committing to a site, and make sure they only indulge in Norway sports betting at online operations with sterling reviews from other punters.

Myriad Sporting Codes to Bet on

As can be expected from the climate, cross-country skiing and other winter sports are hugely popular in Norway, and they definitely have to be featured on any site offering Norway sports betting online. But boxing, wrestling, cycling and athletics also enjoy lots of support, so they will be found on top betting sites too.

Global TV coverage means that Norwegians are also exposed to a wider variety of sports. Those who want to visit Norway sports betting sites to wager on soccer, rugby, cricket, American football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey betting games or any number of sports now gaining popularity around the world, can quickly uncover a site that features them. Even darts, snooker and pool can result in healthy windfalls, so sports fans and keen punters are always certain to find something worth betting on at Norway sports betting sites.

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