Greyhound Racing Betting

In Australia greyhound betting and live greyhound betting are on the rise.  It is estimated that Down Under it is a $150 million dollar industry and there are plenty of clubs and greyhound racing tracks that prove punters are really passionate about this sport. Although greyhound racing is legal only in parts of Australia, this doesn’t stop it from offering plenty of wonderful betting opportunities to all who want to wager on who crosses the line first.

As only a maximum of eight greyhounds can race in any competition, the betting pools are not large.  This makes it an easy betting sport to enter into, even for beginners.  As there are quite a lot of favourites that are shortly priced, greyhound betting strategies tend to favour using win bets and more exotic online betting markets.

Tips On Greyhound Betting

It really is best to shop around as different sportsbooks cover certain sports in more or less detail, and the amount of markets offered will vary too. For online greyhound betting options look for those that offer good expert opinion on greyhound racing betting, and perhaps have dedicated writers who run regular articles, blogs and predictions for upcoming greyhound racing betting events.

The big sportsbooks will show live greyhound betting odds for races that are coming up in the future, and do keep an eye on these odds.  Often you can get better odds the further away from the event that you place your bet.  The downside to this though is that if a dog pulls out of the race you will have lost your wager.

There are certain factors which are always wise to keep in mind when betting on greyhound racing.

  • How old is the dog? Greyhound male dogs are at their best around two year of age, whereas the females are at their peak at around three years old.
  • What was the starting price? The bookies have solid information which goes into setting their starting price on each dog.  Keep an eye out for their predicted top three, and do so as well on the various sportsbooks.
  • What about injury? Keep close track of any news of the dogs being out of action for a little while. This could indicate injury or illness and they might not be up to previous levels of race fitness.
  • What about form? This might be the most important factor to study.  Always know the competitors, which kind of tracks they favour (wet, dry, hard, soft), which courses they have done well on in the past, and there few most recent months’ running history.

If you are live at the race track, or are able to see good live coverage of the track and dogs prior to the event on television or live streaming you will be in with an added advantage.  Learn to see what form the greyhound looks to be in on the day. This could vastly influence your greyhound betting strategy for the day.  Look out for which dogs are full of energy, and which seem tired or uninterested as well as those that seem anxious. The same applies for horse racing betting.

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