Online Darts Betting

The international darts circuit has an incredibly loyal following, and is possibly one of the fastest growing sports in the world at the moment.  It goes to follow that darts betting is also gaining in popularity, being seriously close to football in terms of betting slippage.

The games themselves are great watching due to, in part, the fantastic vibe.  There are very regular matches and tournaments between the top darts professional players and furthermore the top games are played at some speed, which definitely adds to the viewer enjoyment, and offers interesting live darts betting options.

Top Darts Betting Events

Some of the best options for serious darts betting are the PDC World Championships in London, the UK Darts Open in Dublin, the BDO World Championships, the World Series of Darts, the PDC World Match Play and the PDC Las Vegas Desert Classic.  These are all organised by one of the two main darts federations, the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) and the British Darts Organisation (BDO). These all provide super opportunities for world darts betting, as well as more specific mobile betting choices, for example, world championship darts betting.

Then there is the Premier League Darts in the United Kingdom.  This unusual weekly format (matches are held on Thursdays in London) has now also established a much followed Premier League Darts.

Types of Betting Markets 

In online darts betting, outright betting is by far the most favoured type of bet.  There are also wagers available for winning the individual sets in the darts game, or for a more tricky option you could try predicting the final score?  The betting sites will generally also offer you darts betting markets such as first dart, highest checkout, most 180’s in any given week and plenty more similar options.

Darts Betting Strategies 

The Length of The Match – this is very important to consider in online darts betting.  For the longer matches, you can almost be certain that the favourite, or higher ranked player will emerge victorious.  This is due to the fact that even if they make a few mistakes, or their opponent is in good form, they generally have enough time to even out the averages back to their predicted favour.  However, if you prefer betting on the underdog who offers longer odds, look for shorter games.  You would most likely find the shorter format matches near the beginning of the tournaments.

Accumulators – These are certainly a good way to try and maximize your chances of winning.  In each new of the tournament, try to select the most likely winners, and adjust your darts bets just prior to the next round being played.

Spread Betting – An interesting darts betting market to go for is the 180 market.  You select the over or under option on the number of 180’s thrown during that tournament.  Buying the line can end up being a very wise choice if some of the bigger players end up with deep runs.  This is one of the growing markets favoured in world darts betting.

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