Online Cricket Betting 

While there are many punters in Australia that love the thrill of live cricket betting and thus use knowledge and emotion to place their cricket bets, successful cricket betting typically requires a fair amount of discipline.

Developing a strategy can be the most beneficial, as well as the most tedious, task for you to get rolling with. Fortunately, our team at has gone through the trouble for you to not only bring you the best online cricket betting sites but help those of you looking to learn how to bet on cricket for the first time with some helpful cricket betting tips.

Betting on Cricket Online

When it comes to online betting for cricket, there are various options available to you, with 3 main forms of cricket being played all over the world, including Test cricket betting, One Day cricket betting and T20 cricket betting.

There are some vital tips on cricket betting that should be considered by all punters, and the first is to determine which game you prefer betting on. Decide whether you are looking for a T20 match and a fast-paced thrill or a Test cricket match that allows for 5 days of planning a solid cricket strategy.

Cricket Betting Odds

Those of you looking to be successful bettors are encouraged to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of cricket betting odds and how they work, which includes understanding the probability expressed by betting odds.

The odds essentially tell you how much you are expected to win in your cricket bets, where your profit is ultimately determined by multiplying your stake by the odds and then subtracting your initial stake.

Research Conditions

Cricket is probably one of the most affected sports in all of the world with regards to playing conditions, and the weather is one such condition that remains out of everyone’s control.

If you are looking to bet on and upcoming cricket match then the first thing you should do is check the forecast over the duration of the game, as lots of rain will impact just how much of the match gets played. Unlike many other sports betting types, cricket does not go on when it begins to rain, so losing play time will be a reality if heavy rain is in the forecast.

That said, the outcome of a match based on the threat of rain should not deter you from engaging in what could essentially be the best cricket betting experience you have, it should simply make you wiser when placing your cricket online bets.

Form of Team and Players

Before visiting one of the top cricket betting sites listed here at, it is imperative that you go in with a clear head, knowing exactly which of the teams or players you are looking to back and knowing why you hope to do so.

An important piece of your strategy should be checking up on the form of the teams and players set to compete, which means researching their past and present performances and where they thrive. This refers to the actual grounds the team is performing on right down to their position as a player.

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