Canada Sports Betting 

In Canada, sports betting online occupies a legal grey area that authorities seem in no hurry to paint either black or white, which is great news for keen Canuck punters. Legally, all regulations regarding any form of gambling have long been in that hands of Canada’s individual provinces and territories, and sports betting is legal. Several territorial and provincial authorities have begun licensing their own online gambling operations, and there are plenty of sports betting sites licensed in jurisdictions like the UK, Antigua, the Isle of Man or Gibraltar, which accept Canadian punters.

Canada sports betting in overseas jurisdictions is worth around four billion Canadian dollars per year, so it is no surprise that authorities in the provinces and territories are more likely to try to divert this market to their own tax base, rather than wipe it out. No Canadian has ever been prosecuted for betting on sports on these sites, so if you do want to indulge in online wagers in your favourite spectator sport in Canada, you can do so without fear of legal ramifications.

Bet on the Top Sports Instantly

Ice hockey and basketball are both very popular in Canada sports betting, as can be expected from the size of both sports’ fan bases. Soccer and rugby union also attract loads of punters, and the dedicated lacrosse followers are what give Canada sports betting a uniquely Canadian flavour. For many Canadian punters, being able to lay bets on all their favourite sports from a computer, laptop or mobile device is a huge attraction; online betting sites mean an end to trying to visit land-based betting shops in all weathers.

Golf is another sport punters love to lay bets on the world over, as are horse racing betting, baseball, tennis and cricket, so major tournaments are easy for Canadian punters to find. But curling is another popular diversion that makes the Canada sports betting market a little different to most. Canada sports betting sites online will offer punters all of these and more, including politics, novelty bets and pub sports like darts betting and snooker betting.

Following Common-Sense Safety Rules

The four licensing jurisdictions listed above, as well as those located in Canada, are known for strict standards regarding security and fairness. So players can generally be confident that the sites they have licensed will treat players honestly. Canada sports betting also includes several sites whose parent companies have long run successful land-based betting operations, so they come with a longstanding tradition of great customer service built into the brand.

Nevertheless, before indulging in Canada sports betting online, punters should make sure that any site they plan to bet at uses proper encryption software to protect their bank accounts. They should also check that its pay-out terms and conditions are fair, and perhaps search through reviews and punter comments in chat rooms to suss out the site’s customer-service reputation.

Play with your Head, not your Heart

The most successful punters are those who treat Canada sports betting online as a hobby with occasional lucrative benefits, like investing in the stock market. They only play with funds they can afford, and they bet according to statistics and conditions, rather than emotion. The sheer scale of Canada sports betting can make a dedication to accurate, scientific analysis and forecasting in a variety of sports a profitable sideline.

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