Online Hong Kong Sports Betting

Hong Kong sports betting presents an anomalous situation, which mirrors the autonomous territory’s long-term battle to balance the social upliftment that gambling revenues can finance in state hands, against the potential harm unrestricted, irresponsible gambling can do to individuals and communities. The result is a compromise: Hong Kong residents can make legal land-based and online bets only at events regulated by the Hong Kong Jockey’s Club, usually abbreviated the HKJC.

You might think this restricts you to betting on horse racing only, but the HKJC also runs a sports book on football. So in effect, those who want to enjoy legal Hong Kong sports betting online have two options: horse racing or football.

Two of the Top Sports 

Of course, this is not in itself a hardship. Horse racing has been the Sport of Kings since antiquity, and Hong Kong has just as many punters obsessed with thoroughbred horseflesh as anywhere else in the world. And football is of course the sport most generally loved all over the planet, so there is no shortage of Hong Kong sports betting enthusiasts in that regard.

However, many punters complain about the variety on offer via the HKJC. They are restricted to race meetings and soccer matches the HKJC will allow them to bet on, whereas lots of Hong Kong sports betting fans want access to all the prestigious meetings and top tournaments around the world, which they can bet on at sites licensed in foreign jurisdictions.

Many More Sports at Global Sites

For example, at some of the world’s top sports betting sites, punters can bet on any major horse racing or football events anywhere, as well as cricket, rugby, motor sport, boxing, baseball, basketball, American football, ice hockey and many more. Some Hong Kong sports betting aficionados may enjoy more refined sports, like sailing, lawn bowls or golf, while others enjoy the simple pub pleasures of pool, darts or snooker. It is these that Hong Kong sports betting fans miss out on most, by being restricted to the limited wagering opportunities offered by the HKJC.

Residents may decide to take the risk of betting at unauthorised foreign-licensed sites just so they can enjoy some variety in their Hong Kong sports betting. However, this is not something we recommend.

Strict Laws against Betting on Other Sites

Unlike many countries in which online gambling is not officially legal yet not strictly policed by authorities, the Hong Kong government is serious about restricting Hong Kong sports betting to activities sanctioned by the HKJC. So punters who are caught betting on foreign-licensed sites may indeed face prosecution and penalties.

This is why Hong Kong sports betting aficionados who are determined to access unrestricted gambling may try to play on international betting sites using aliases and Internet-only currency platforms, to preserve their privacy. Those who wish to avoid these risks, however, should rather stick to approved Hong Kong sports betting at the HKJC site. There is still plenty of horse racing and soccer action to be enjoyed there.

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