Online eSports Betting

According to research done in 2013, around 72 million people across the globe enjoyed watching eSports.   It follows then, that the betting market for this field has exploded with many options for eSports betting fans.  Whilst eSports was once played out on an amateur level, things have now gone to a professional level, with a large and ever increasing number of professional teams and players with enough championships to provide excellent salaries and prize monies to eSports competitors.

Best eSports Tournaments

When looking for an online bookmaker that offers esports betting do ensure that your favourite eSports are on offer.  Do they cover CS:GO betting, Dota 2 bets, Starcraft betting or League of Legends betting?  Depending on the eSports betting which you would like to get involved in, it is essential that the online sportsbooks you sign up to offer these sports.

Also, do keep an eye out for tournament mobile betting. You may be interested in League of Legends World Championship betting, or events in the Intel Extreme Masters, the Smite World Championship or the Evolution World Championship Series.

League of Legends World Championship Betting

The general factors to watch out for in e-Sports betting and LOL betting are learning about the players performances prior to the game you are betting on.  Consider the shape they are in at the moment, what their head to head records are and their prior performance in similar situations.

Added to those factors though, in the LOL World Championship betting options you may want to give consideration to the best of X. It is important for bettors to get used to the format used in the World Championships rather than just watching LCK and the regular season games which are BO3.  By having a wider view of the BO1 and other length formats, this will enable you to make good eSports betting calls and have a full range of information based on the total number of matches played in each of the results.

Big errors early on in the game, such as misusing a teleport or a failed gank can have huge consequences for the side that makes such an error.  In the group stage which is made up of BO1 matches, more errors are perhaps allowed, and this is something that LOL eSports betting fans should always bear in mind.

eSports Online Betting Tips

There are a few super resources available which you can keep an eye out for and which will give you a lot of information to help you get going if you are new to real money eSports betting sites.

  • Have a look at eSports websites that publish polls with the results of all the matches played. Some offer all eSports and some are specific to CS:GO, LOL or Dota 2 online betting.
  • Have a look at sites where they feature recommended experts and community tipsters’ forecasts.
  • Many eSports predictions sites use complex mathematical algorithms to calculate forecasts and these are then made available to you, sometimes at a fee though.
  • Community tipsters abound, follow your favourites, and watch their betting predictions success rates to decide if they are worth following or subscribing to.
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